Board of Directors

2024 KNIK Little League Board of Directors


Steve SharpPresident[email protected]
Matthew Patterson
VP Baseball[email protected]
Amy HillenbrandVP Softball[email protected]
Amy Hillenbrand Treasurer[email protected]
Teresa BahnSecretary
[email protected]
Chase McMillianSafety Officer
[email protected]
Drew NerlandBaseball Player Agent
[email protected]
Michael Straw
Softball Player Agent
[email protected]
Elizabeth Nerland
 IT/Website Officer
[email protected]
Keith LongCoaching Coordinator[email protected]
Mitch MillerAt-Large Director
 [email protected]
Kyle Kaiser
At-Large Director
[email protected]
 Jeff Molloy At-Large Director [email protected]
 Michael McNeil At-Large Director [email protected]
 Aaron Herbert At-Large Director[email protected]

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